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Pandora 1.81 Released

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:51 pm
This version comes with the soundtrack.

As you can hear it's a longtime overdue download-performance update. There is now a smaller memory footprint across the board (POP/IMAP, plain/encrypted), and the speed increase. You should be able to notice both when downloading bunch of attachments/very long messages.

So holidays are upon us, and there is one new feature that allows you to extend some battery life when on the road: Do not auto-check when using battery.
[Settings/Checking Mail > Check for Mail > "Unless using the battery."]

Usage example: You are say on the holliday, using the laptop, and you turn it on while on the terrace of your hotel (just before heading for the beach), you want not to be distracted with all the mail (that would normally be downloaded without your input when auto-check is on), but instead just quickly download from the most important account. Since you are using the battery, auto-check is automatically suspended, and there are no distractions (you can go swim). When you get back to your room, you plug in your laptop - the rest of the accounts are then auto-checked.

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