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Incoming Mail Text size + show all mail boxes imported from Eudora

on Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:47 pm
Good Morning, Everyone,

Some time ago I discovered that I was receiving seven copies of each email sent resulting in over 1000 emails to delete one at a time...ugh! The problem was resolved by deleting all personalities except the top two. You see, I do not know the difference between Personalities and Clients. I now know that Clients are e-mail programs but Personalities ?: The clue came from an answer to my post a few weeks ago. Now I would like to have all my mailboxes from Eudora showing up in the left column as they do in Eudora. So far only In, Out, etc. show up. Next I would like to discover how to edit incoming mail to a larger text size. There is no "Select All" option in the Edit menu. I am not stupid, just ignorant and old, so I ask your patience, please. So far, I like the direction Pandora Mail is headed.

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Re: Incoming Mail Text size + show all mail boxes imported from Eudora

on Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:46 pm
Hello John and welcome to Pandora forum.

Good timing, if you are still having issue with duplicates - starting with the next version you'll be able to clean up mailboxes from duplicates with the single stroke.

Personality - think of it as an e-mail account. Compuserve is one, Gmail the other etc.

To have mailboxes pane on the left side just drag the pane by the caption bar and move towards the left edge of your Workspace. When the arrow appears position mouse
cursor right over it and release left mouse button.

To import mailboxes from Eudora, start Importer (Tools/Importing Witch) and check Messages and Eudora. Specify Eudora's data folder if necessary.
Note, mailboxes are not placed at the root of your mail data folder, so when the import is over, drag them to the root level or wherever else.

Select All is under View menu, also Ctrl+A.

For the larger text size try with optical zoom:
Ctrl + Num +
Ctrl + Num -

Num +/- are on numeric pad
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