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Migrating from Eudora on old computer

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:35 am
Migrating to a new computer. In the past I have installed Eudora fresh on my new computer, and then copied my mailboxes, ini files, etc into the appropriate directories on my new computer. This time I want to try pandora. Do I have to install Eudora on my new computer before importing? Or can I just use my eudora data files to populate my mailboxes and accounts?


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Re: Migrating from Eudora on old computer

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:53 pm
Hello jimmypete:

You don't have to have Eudora installed to import old mail, jut make sure to click on Eudora Data Folder button (Importer step 2) and specify the folder where are your old mailbox files.
This is a preferred method since Importer will:
- Preserve messages status (Read/Replied/Forwarded) and priority when possible.
- Iron out line endings to Windows standard.
- Repair broken MIME structures (including attachments and embedded files to the greatest extent possible).
- Fix message delimiters.
- Fix invalid HTML code (not talking here about outdated, proprietary or 'semantically incorrect' code - rather downright defective and/or malicious HTML).

If you don't care for message status (Unread, Replied etc) and priority you can import Eudora mailboxes just like any other Unix-type mbox files by dragging mbx files onto the Mailboxes tree.
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Set junk score in Pandora as 100

on Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:39 pm
When I did this many (50%) of my eudora mail went into Pandora's junk mailbox. I suggest BEFORE you do the import you set the junk score in pandora (via settings/general tab) to 100. I erased my first conversion data and redid the import after changing junk setting score and all went well. After import you should change the jink score so what level you want. Mine is at 53.
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Re: Migrating from Eudora on old computer

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