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Pandora Released Empty Pandora Released

on Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:40 pm
This is almost entirely search-related release.

First we have some new search criteria: Message Size & Any Attached File Size.
When attachments are stored as files (which is on by default), message size does not include attachments (down the line we could add something like that too, say 'Message Size Including Attachments') so when searching for files, targeting size range can come in handy indeed.

Second - Fast Search Index. Allow Pandora to index mailboxes in the background, or index limited set of mailboxes manually, for ultra fast textual search.
(Please see Help/Viewing Mail/Search Messages for details.)

Third - textual search criteria is now selected when we open found messages.

Finally, Labels can be assign to messages directly from Search Results window.
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