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How to Change the Active Dictionary

on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:23 am
Pandora's default dictionary is English (American).

Follow these steps to change the active dictionary (to Spanish, Italian, French, German or any other language):

1. Close Pandora, copy a plain text source UNICODE dictionary to Pandora's program folder. Source dictionary, in addition, has to have tlx extension.
For example, american.tlx is there already. To add Spanish dictionary, add spanish.tlx to the same program-folder.
(Links below include source dictionaries for Spanish, Italian, French and German.)

2. Start Pandora, go to Settings/Composing Mail/Spell Checking, change Active Lexicon from English to Spanish. Restart Pandora, that's it.

Note. Since Pandora has 100% native lexicon engine support, it compiles it's own version of active dictionary.
Inside your main data folder, there will be a lex-file (upon the restart), in this case spanish.lex - That file is used on a regular basis, tlx-file is just the source that you can manually improve, add additional words etc.

Source Dictionaries (tlx Files):
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