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 Pandora 4.3 Released Empty Pandora 4.3 Released

Sun May 03, 2020 8:33 pm
As part of OAuth2 verification process software developers are now required to own full premiere domain (per application). So here it is, new Pandora home page:

All files hosted via DriveHQ will remain exactly where they are, while some web pages will redirect.

As for full verification we are not done yet (yes they are making a pseudo-science out of simple 5 minutes task, but that's the future of Internet friends), there will be a manual on OAuth2 on the page, and explanation which scopes exactly Pandora is using (it's of course Mail.Send, Mail.Receive), and after that a link to a youtube video that explains it all yet again.
In addition, there will be authentication steps, with screen-shots as well, in html. If that reminds you of a major garage owner who is demanding a code from your car (so that the car can enter the garage), the code that can be only embedded by the manufacturer, and car manufacturer can only embed a code after he receives another code from garage owner, you ain't wrong.
Of course there are numerous conditions for that first-code, racket has to be paid, garage properly advertised by the manufacturer etc.
The biggest problem with that approach is that the customer (car owner) is left clueless and excluded from the entire process.
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