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Duplicate trashing - how does Pandora decide? Empty Duplicate trashing - how does Pandora decide?

Thu May 21, 2020 4:27 am
When I import my Eudora mailboxes, which will clearly have many duplicates of the gmail I am currently directly downloading from POP gmail: when I use trash duplicates, which messages does Pandora select as duplicates and which as originals?  

I am really hoping that the Eudora originals are flagged as duplicates, because one of the chief annoyances of Eudora, and chief benefits of Pandora, is that the former dumps all attachments in a separate directory, whilst the latter allows me to retain attachments as MIME parts within the message. With 34000+ attachments in my Eudora attachments folder, reading that folder has become unwieldy - to the extent that in previous years I archived attachments (138000+, 20 years' worth) in a different folder, and so essentially lost the relationship with the original email due to Eudora's attachment naming conventions Sad


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Duplicate trashing - how does Pandora decide? Empty Re: Duplicate trashing - how does Pandora decide?

Sat May 30, 2020 1:08 am
Good question - you can not prioritize the originals just yet.

If you download the same message (with attachments) twice -
1. First time with attachments saved as files.
2. Second time with attachments embedded.
Then you scan for duplicates with options to exclude both headers and attachments checked - that yields one duplicate, and that's it.

Originals Detection Rules will include:
- Mailboxes that you specify explicitly (so duplicates from those mailboxes will be considered the originals).
- Messages with higher priority or particular label will be considered the originals.
- The above condition, why not - Messages with embedded or linked attachments are the originals.

You may want to check out Delete Duplicate Files:

It has it's own Originals Detection Rules, these are files-related but some of them will be used for attachments-based prioritization.

You may also want to scan your attachments folder for duplicates, see what it will find.
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