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Importing huge Eudora mailboxes Empty Importing huge Eudora mailboxes

Sun May 24, 2020 9:32 am
Hi Brana,
I have imported a lot of my mailboxes, but some of the large ones I had to kill the process because they never seemed to finish and I had no idea if anything was happening in spite of the progress bar showing (but showing same message subject for a long time).

I have broken down my large mailboxes into smaller ones. One mailbox that had 70,000 messages in it has now been broken down into multiple smaller ones, by year. However, even the smaller ones are still quite big - I have one at around 11500+ messages.

Judging by past experience, the import will likely take well over 24 hours. The I have about 30 more mailboxes of 5000 or so, so that will take a long time.

So my question:
Is it possible, if I had a mailbox in Pandora format, to just "mount it" i.e. stick it into the folder, so that Pandora would recognise it at the next run? I don't seem to see any files anywhere which contain a list of mailboxes - looks like they are listed when needed (possibly cached during an instance of the app running?). If I can just mount rather than importing, what format are ".mbc" files in?  I understand Eudora .mbx format sort of from the rough documentation around the traps, so would love to write my own perl code which I could run to translate multiple mailboxes in parallel.

If this is possible, i am happy to make the code available to you. This does, of course, mean that I have to write neat documented perl code instead of quick and dirty, but hey, if you can use this for a bulk importing feature for other people, then it is all for the good. (Also happy for you to have any of my low-value IP I put into this LOL).


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Tony Austin
Tony Austin
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Importing huge Eudora mailboxes Empty Re: Importing huge Eudora mailboxes

Tue May 11, 2021 11:38 am
I let my import (a few weeks ago, late April 2021) run until it completed. However that told at least eighteen (18) hours, possibly longer as I didn't clock it carefully. This was for a Eudora installation of around 10 GB -- filters, mailboxes, attachments, the whole caboodle. This was on a  machine with an AMD Ryzen 7 Model 1700 processor (one of the earliest Ryzens), but nonetheless fairly nippy), with 32 GB of RAM. The Pandora folder was on the same drive as Eudora (the C: drive), a fairly fast NVMe SSD. Maybe things were slowed down because of SSD reads and writes happening on the same drive.

So some migrations to Pandora certainly can take quite a few hours. I'm guessing that part of the slowness is doubtless taken up with converting mailboxes from Eudora's format to Pandora's format rather than a plain disk-to-disk folder/file transfer.

I also become somewhat concerned by the fact that nothing much seemed to be visibly happening during those 18+ hours. Progress updates were few and far between (changes in what was displayed happened only ten or twenty minutes apart), so several times during that slow trek I too was inclined to cancel out of the importation, but luckily I did hang on until the importation completed. I'd recommend that Brana increases the frequency of progress updates, otherwise some people probably will give up early, not purchase Pandora, and therefore miss out on a fantastic mail client.

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