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Logging / crashes / indexing Empty Logging / crashes / indexing

Sun May 24, 2020 10:09 am
Panodra is crashing within a minute or two of starting.
The task window shows that it is building mailbox indices for two recently imported mailboxes,

I click on "end session" to try to get an orderly exit to save settings I have changes, but "end session" doesn't work - it continues doing what it is doing, and then crashes 10-20 seconds later.

Is there a log file that can be generated that I can send you to help diagnose what's wrong?
More importantly, is there a way to stop generating the indices. At least that way I could move messages to another mailbox, so that hopefully the mailbox being indexed will not cause a crash.

Bit stuck at the moment. As Building index starts as soon as I start, and there is no way to stop that task (Stop task does not work), essentially each run is already destined to a crash no matter what I do.

I'd use a bug report to report this, except ^^^ the above Smile

if it is of any use, there is an "Importing in progress" app(?) running while this is all happening. That started some hours ago, but has been running all throughout these crashes. I thought it was part of Pandora. Maybe it would be more useful to have it explicitly as a separate app? When I first saw Pandora crash during an Import, I was wondering why the Import was still running.

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Logging / crashes / indexing Empty Re: Logging / crashes / indexing

Tue May 26, 2020 6:19 pm
After the crash, do not start Pandora right away - open you main data folder in File Explorer - move Import folder (including all sub folders) out of main data folder.
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