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Importing Eudora Empty Importing Eudora

Sun Jun 21, 2020 6:06 am
Hi Brana,
I am (still) importing Eudora mailboxes.
Problem I have is this:
the import witch works well.
Once I open Pandora, it starts "enumerating" the new mailboxes, but usually crashes part way through.

I have gone back to Eudora, copied the mailboxes to turn e.g. one year's worth into 6 mailboxes each of two months. I still get this.
Each mailbox consists of around 10,000 messages.

Other than spending a lot of time in Eudora wiritng these mails to even smaller mailboxes, is there a way of importing without having these crashes? The mailboxes I am importing relate to about 8 years of mail of an organisation I volunteer for, so getting this right matters to me.

As a last resort, I tried uploading the Eudora mail to GMAIL via imap, but when it gets up to gmail, rather than showing the email as it ought to be seen, it shows heaps and heaps of HTML tags.

Any help with sorting out the import problem?
(I will also send this in as a bug report).
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