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Tony Austin
Tony Austin
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Use global on/off state -- and Tooltips and Help documentation Empty Use global on/off state -- and Tooltips and Help documentation

Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:01 pm
Pandora has many sophisticated features (runs rings around Eudora). The trouble I'm still finding, after just over a month using Pandora, is that there are features and options that don't seem to be explained anywhere yet, and which aren't immediately obvious.

For example, in the properties for the Preview Pane of mailboxes there's an option "Use global on/off state" (see screenshot), so what does this mean?

While I'm prepared to try out such options on a "suck it and see" basis, in this cae I deferred because the term "global" implies that it might cause a Pandora-wide change that would take considerable time and effort to back out of if it turns out not to be what I suspect. Well actually, in this case I don't have a clue because the meaning isn't all that apparent.

So my suggestion is to add tooltips everywhere to give brief on-the-spot explanations of the meanings of such terms,  and avoid going to Help (where I didn't find anything anyway) which might be impossible when a dialog box is open that locks out going to Help.

By the way, I know from bitter experience that developing built-in and separate documentation is a royal pain. I'm putting up my hand to offer assistance in this for Pandora.

Use global on/off state -- and Tooltips and Help documentation Pandora-tooltips-everywhere-suggestion
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