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Initial IMAP disaster Empty Initial IMAP disaster

Tue Nov 15, 2022 5:24 am
I had tested Pandora briefly a bit a few years ago and came back now to see about really learning it and switching to it.  I apparently have a lot to learn.

I downloaded the current version, installed it, and set up a personality for my comcast (xfinity) account using IMAP.  When I checked mail, Pandora nicely downloaded the email from my IMAP Inbox and DELETED it immediately from the server inbox and synced my local copy with that empty inbox.

After a small amount of checking, I found "Leave mail on server" was unchecked.  In some senses, that might explain what happened, but if that is the expected result of leaving that box unchecked, I do not believe the box should be here, let alone uncheck be the default.  What is the point of removing mail from an IMAP box????  Then have the program sync with the empty mailbox!

After I restored the messages in the server inbox (I'm not yet stupid enough to try this without a good backup) and checked leave mail on server, Pandora's inbox now has two copies of each message which is in the server inbox, one read and one unread.

First issue is that checkbox should not exist for an IMAP setup. It makes no sense to do anything other than leave on server.

Second, how do I filter Pandora's inbox to only include one copy of each message?  (All of them are shown as read on the server.)

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