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Pandora 5.5.0 Released Empty Pandora 5.5.0 Released

Fri Jul 21, 2023 1:48 am
Pandora 5.5.0 has been released as of 20 Jul 2023.

Notice: This Release will require a Series 5 license. Be sure to obtain a new license as the old Series 4 License will not be valid after the new version is installed.

The installer files and release notes are available from the webpage.

The Release Notes What's New Section:

What's New

Checking Mail
+ Immediate deletion from server on emptying Trash. [Settings/Checking Mail]
$ This option is linked with Personality option 'Delete from server when emptied from Trash'.
# cp- code page identifier is now recognized as windows code page. [Legacy]
$ For example cp-1252 is equivalent to windows-1252.

+ Log processed filters: None, Matched, Not Matched, All. [Settings/Background Tasks/Logging]
+ View Filters Log [Log Pane right-click menu].

Viewing Mail
+ Auto-show Zoom Factor dialog (when attempting to increase/decrease zoom-level above Huge/bellow Tiny). [Zoom dialog - Other Settings]
* Fixed several bugs related to Zoom Factor dialog interface.

Composing Mail
+ Clear Layout Tables: Edit/Formatting/Clear/Layout Tables.
+ Clear Formatting dialog, with options:
Clear Text and/or Paragraphs formatting.
Remove all style.
$ Invoke this dialog with: Shift + Edit/Format/Clear Formatting.

Junk Mail
# Improved detection of deliberately messed up messages, with purpose to obfuscate/jam up anti-spam systems.
$ These messages are now readable, junk-base is not 'tainted' and technical-invalidity points assigned.
# Technical Invalidity score re-calibrated so invalid but legit messages are not considered junk.

What's New/Version History Legend

+ --> New feature
- --> Removed/obsolete feature
* --> Bugfix
# --> Improvement
$ --> Comment
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