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Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:59 am
Version 3.6

This update revolves around composing/sending mail options and features related to mailbox summaries.

AOL/Verizon POP users, who are storing messages on the server, will notice considerable speed increase in mail checks.
Note however, all messages on those servers will be re-downloaded first time you check mail, keep those copies and delete the old ones. Use Trash Duplicates tool if necessary, with option Display Results in Virtual Mailbox (so you don't have to compare duplicates manually).
This change affects all servers that are lying about their capabilities (not only AOL/Verizon).

Version 2.9.5

Amid impending Yahoocalypse, version 2.95 includes importing option for Unix-Type mailboxes, so affected Pandora users are covered.

Apparently Yahoo will delete it's Yahoo-groups mid December later this year, so current users have to migrate to email lists or forums. It's probably for the better, but what about past messages? All you have to do is this:
1. Export your groups from Yahoo to local Unix-Type mailbox(es).
2. Make sure all exported mailbox files have mbox extension. Optionally organize mbox files inside folders.
3. Start Pandora, hit Tools/Importer and choose Import > Messages > Unix-Type Mailboxes, follow the wizard.

Now should your group decide to continue discussions via email lists just add incoming filter (to move messages to your new Yahoo-Group mailboxes), add corresponding account if necessary, and you are all set.

Version 2.9.1

Every now and then you receive 2 or 3 messages from the same correspondent, and you want to send a single reply? It's repetitive hassle no more - enter Composite Reply.
Composite feature allows us to reply to (forward, redirect or send again) several messages with the single message.
To activate - hold down Shift key, hit Reply/Forward/Redirect/Send Again, so that Composing Options are displayed, and toggle 'Composite' button.
Please see Help/Release Notes for more detail.

Pandora is gaining in popularity among senior citizens, we received tremendous amount of feedback from them in last couple of months (seniors are riot LOL).
They generally like the ergonomics, but almost uniformly installation is causing problems (is it 32 or 64 version, and Run as Administrator in particular).
That's why we went on and released this emergency relief update with semi-automatic installer. Now there is no need to manually download, unzip, choose 32/64 edition and most importantly - launch installer. Installer is launched with administrator privileges, even if current Pandora instance is running with non-administrator credentials.

Version 2.8

Thanks to Joshua, Ted, Elaine and their incredible feedback we are ahead of the schedule.

We've got the backup out of the way now. We can schedule mailboxes backup, do it manually, on session startup and/or exit and of course before/after compacting.
Settings are grouped under Background Tasks/Backup.

To quickly access/restore from backup - Use File/Open menu or just double click on mbc files in Windows Explorer.

Messages can be copied now cumulatively (Ctrl+Left Shift+C), what it means exactly:
You can now copy messages from one mailbox, open another mailbox do Left Shift+Edit/Copy - Paste both groups of messages into third mailbox (Edit/Paste).

Collapsed grouped messages can be transferred now with a single stroke now, not much explaining is needed there.

Version 2.7.7

We have some new search criteria: Message Size & Any Attached File Size.
When attachments are stored as files (which is on by default), message size does not include attachments (down the line we could add something like that too, say 'Message Size Including Attachments') so when searching for files, targeting size range can come in handy indeed.

Fast Search Index. Allow Pandora to index mailboxes in the background, or index limited set of mailboxes manually, for ultra fast textual search.
(Please see Help/Viewing Mail/Search Messages for details.)

Textual search criteria is now selected when we open found messages.

Labels can be assign to messages directly from Search Results window.

Importer update, major one. You guys are importing tremendous amount of data, you know that right? Hopefully we are up to the challenge.

Backup mailboxes (right before compacting) will give you a piece of mind, if you delete something accidentally (and empty the Trash) - you can recover it now.
There is another rational for backup - 'I want to be able to restore mailboxes after hard drive failure and preferably not re-delete deleted messages again'.
That is coming up next - Backup mailboxes right after compacting. Two rationals are not mutually exclusive of course. Also, there will be a classic backup all on schedule.

To install Pandora extract and select the installer, right-click and choose Run as Administrator.
If your Windows user account has Administrator privileges you can just double-click on InstallPandora32 or InstallPandora64.

Version: 2.6.2

Regarding new Address Book features - There are 3 ways we can group contacts now (without having to duplicate Address Book entries), via:
1. Nicknames inside nicknames
2. Good old labels
3. Folders

1. Nicknames can include other nicknames now.
If for example under nickname 'Book Club' we have 4 other nicknames (instead of e-mail addresses), and you type 'Book Club' inside message To-field, Book Club is expanded just like individual nicknames. We can of course combine nicknames and addresses.

2. Labels can be assigned now to contacts, and used as nicknames inside the address-fields.
If for example 4 contacts are labeled with 'Fight Club' (even thought the 1st rule of the Fight Club is...) and you type 'Fight Club' inside message To-field, Fight Club is expanded just like individual nicknames.

3. Type Address Book sub-folder name, inside message To-field, and it will be expanded into corresponding card(s) full recipient(s).

Version: 2.5.1

Alright alright alright, now we have for you massive update of Auto-Complete/Addressing IntelliSense feature, bunch of new Replying/Forwarding attributions, new Address Book and Info Box features and, per popular request - traditional Windows Date and Time codes can be used inside messages Date and Time format [Settings/Mailboxes]. Please see Release Notes for details.


This update brings new date and time formats (how dates and times are displayed in mailbox summary), please see Help/Mailboxes for details.
Standard strftime formatting codes can be used now as well.

Note, %DATE% is now fail-safe date format (equivalent to %m/%d/%y) and %DATE_SHORT% is date in current Windows short date format (as specified in 'Control Panel/Region and Language'). So if you used %DATE%, change it to %DATE_SHORT%.

People who used 'Draft it!' Eudora plugin will be familiar 'Draft Not Done' option. This is part 1, we'll revisit it soon for filter-option (You'll be able to assign 1 inactive filter for - Automatically allow Queue/Send if following conditions apply...).

Filters descriptions can be assigned now. Main purpose of descriptions is to help us distinguish in between (manual filters) menu items (Message/Apply Filters)/toolbar buttons (Settings/Toolbar/Manual Filters).

Version: 2.4

It brings a major upgrade to Spell Check engine and 'auto-replace as you type' feature. If your Auto-Replace list is empty (Settings/Composing Mail/Auto-Replace) hit Reset button to populate the list with couple of samples.

Address Book is detailed a bit and there is the Phone Numbers pane now.

Version: 2.3

The thing about non-client areas is that they are not drawn by clients, so if Windows chooses too pale or screaming colors it sets the tone for the entire interface.
That's why we can turn off theming of non-client areas now, which is also on by default [to turn it off un-check 'Allow Windows themes' under Settings/Viewing Mail/Workspace].

For total classic-Windows look you can trim 'fat' Windows borders too:

Version: 2.2

This month's offerings include signature preview inside the Composing-Options dialog, we can now create blank virtual mailbox and drag messages to it, there are new toolbar buttons and more. Please see Release Notes for details.

Version: 2.1

Couple of random notes:

Message Reminder
It's something like reversed time-queue: You receive the message, but you don't want to be distracted right now - set up the reminder, for that particular message.

Junk Mail Blacklist
Now you can blacklist senders, their names and/or mail addresses that is. Keep in mind their addresses and names are bogus, so if the name is Joe - un-check the name.

Mainframe Lock
If you are about to use new screen-lock feature, you may want to change your Dominant password to something you can remember.

It's nearly perfect for news-agencies messages (Reuters, Associated Press and such), personal blogs (movie reviews, food recipes, travel-logs and such) and sub-optimal for
Internet forums (those that support certain level of syndication) and multimedia podcasts. For multimedia - your smart phone has a more practical media player, the one that starts playing right away (while still buffering the content).
News-agencies sometimes re-post so don't be alarmed about those. When there are typos, factual errors or if the news is of certain significance - these are not technical duplicates.

Thanks everyone who supported Pandora in any way. Let us know of your experience (you know the address).

Version: 1.99

This version brings Show Relative Mailbox Path inside search results, status-bar context menus, checked mailboxes status info and more.

Version: 1.96

Pandora now loads message summaries faster for 30% on average.
Fixed the framework-issue where Idle-mode is interrupted for no reason whatsoever.
Fixed the issue where print header/footer is omitted on some systems.

Coming up next: Recent message windows.
Consider this - You have bunch of open windows, and you close some message window. Right after you close that window you realize - you need it for something else.
Instead of searching - Hit recent message-windows menu.

Version: 1.94

Fight against duplicates, and other bloat in general, is like diet - the sooner you start the better. So Trash Duplicates is here.
Invoke via mailbox right-click/pop-up menu. Fully aware that this sounds boring, like a doctor's advise but - Do it on a regular basis, every 6 months or so.

Second, UNIX-type mailboxes can be imported directly via command-line or drag and drop.

Even though Mozilla/Penelope mailboxes can be just renamed and placed inside the mail-folder/main data folder, because of the same mbox flavor and low-maintenance requirements, the above method is recommended - there is _some_ maintenance that is done at the same expense, so use this new method (drag and drop/command-line) instead, it's easier too.

Version: 1.92

ATN Pane captures much needed area in between status-bar hints, log entries and dialog-boxes.
ATN messages are stored (like log, but within a single session only), low-key (like status-bar, but interactive), and more assertive (like dialog-boxes, but non-modal and repetitive).
As of right now there are only 2 types of notifications (notification-strips and queued messages); we'll be adding content on need to have basis.
ATN notifications rotate on 10 seconds mark.

Version: 1.91

Now you can apply stationery (one or more, in one stroke) after hitting the Reply button.
It's right-click on Stationery item(s) and hit Apply from the pop-up menu (or just drag and drop selected item(s) onto the message-draft window).

Version: 1.88

This time around we've got Junk Mail relieve package and longtime overdue panes/splitters additions.

For those who came in late:
To expand the principal pane inside the message, mailbox, Find Messages, Filters or Address Book window, press F7.
To restore expanded pane to non-expanded state press F7.
(You can accomplish the same with a double-click on splitter bar.)
To set splitter bar to default position press Shift+F7.
Received Message window: To expand the secondary pane (headers) press Ctrl+Shift+F7.
To switch the focus in between principal and secondary panes press F6.

Version: 1.85

This was originally planed to be a simple signaling update, but one thing led to another and we ended up with a massive Message File Viewer update. Message File Viewer, a small e-mail message-file viewer that comes with Pandora, now supports Outlook message files.

If you are using e-mail for more than few years now you probably accumulated fair amount of Outlook messages files. These files usually have msg or dat extension (when dat - it's winmail.dat) and sometimes they form a nested structure (Message file contains another one as attachment, and that one has others and so on, like those Russian dolls). Now you can view those, transfer to Pandora, delete some, save attachments or v-cards and so on.

Note: dat-files can contain Outlook items such as sticky notes, calendars, tasks and contacts - All those items, when included, are treated as attachments. In addition, items are stored in standard v-format. For example, contacts are automatically saved as v-cards so you can import right away. Read more about it in:
Release Notes

Version: 1.81

There is now a smaller memory footprint across the board (POP/IMAP, plain/encrypted), and the speed increase. You should be able to notice both when downloading bunch of attachments/very long messages.

So holidays are upon us, and there is one new feature that allows you to extend some battery life when on the road: Do not auto-check when using battery.
[Settings/Checking Mail > Check for Mail > "Unless using the battery."]

Version: 1.79

Time for a toast!

Windows 10 Toast notifications concept is very similar with Pandora's modeless strips. It's basically "You've Got Mail!" dialog only not modal, it auto-expires, and when you click on it you open corresponding message.
To show strip/toast notifications open Filters, and toggle related button, under Action.

Version: 1.77

Pandora can be trained now to recognize junk mail. We stayed true to Pandora-tradition and everything was written from the scratch - so it has a rock-solid foundation and it's gonna be easy to maintain and upgrade.
As it's still rough on the edges some refining will follow up: Regarding the HTML, deliberately invalid encoding and MIME structures and some other
techniques that spammers like to use. For starters - use it with caution, right now the accuracy is ~75%. So - inspect your Junk mailbox often and increase the Junk Threshold (it's under Settings/Junk Mail).
As we make progress with refining, and your Junk-score base grows, hopefully we'll hit 85% mark soon.

Version 1.72

Now it's possible to change message type from received to sent and vice versa!

Here is the situation: You sent urgent mail from your cell phone and BCC to yourself. You get back home and you download that message,
it's technically received, but in your mind it's sent (it's "meta-sent"). Use this option to make your mind prevail over technicalities.

Note - all original headers are preserved, so you can revert it back to the original type or make some demarcation.

Version: 1.69

Undo/Redo buffers contain 10 items each. Change via:

Undo/Redo buffers are not saved across sessions.

Textual undo/redo units have UI precedence - when draft window is active, related textual undo units are displayed on the menu. So to undo message transfer, switch to any other window type.

Version: 1.66

You'll notice different windows-tiles layout. The thing is, if there are more than ~4 open windows, those small non-overlapping tiles were just not very useful. Since there are 2 types of principal serialized windows in Pandora - mailboxes and messages, new tiles are:
In the left/top part of the workspace there are overlapped mailboxes, and
in the right/bottom half - messages (overlapped).

Ro recap:

Windows/Tile Vertical
Windows/Tile Horizontal
Arrange windows as vertical/horizontal non-overlaping tiles.

Right Shift + Windows/Tile Vertical
Right Shift + Windows/Tile Horizontal
Arrange windows as vertical/horizontal thematically overlaping tiles.

Version: 1.65

Reuse duplicated inline images.

This new feature will greatly reduce number of duplicated generic inline images (ex. dot.jpg, banner.jpg etc) recommended, but - if you are often receiving the exact same inline images (content-wise and name-wise) from your regular correspondents, un-check:
Auto-delete inline images (from received messages) when emptying Trash. [Settings/Attachments]

Version: 1.64

Note about general focus for new messages/drafts, and related to new caret placement feature:

When all recipient-fields are empty - Caret is placed at To-field.

When there is at least one recipient, but the Subject is empty - Caret is placed at Subject-field.

Otherwise - focus is set onto the message text: If Restore Selection is off, new Caret Placement feature applies (top/bottom).

Version: 1.59

This release includes new UI Makeup style. It affects mostly how tabs, edges and caption bars are drawn.
If it's not your cup of tea, here is how to switch to the old style (makeup):
1. Create new HTML message.
2. Hit Ctrl+L to insert the hyperlink, and enter:
URL Field: x-pandora-makeup:style=0
Text Field: Makeup Style
3. Hit Insert to create the URL.
4. Click on the URL and the dialog-box will appear - hit Change.
5. Restart Pandora.

Version: 1.58

This new update includes some additions to your filters-arsenal. First there are new Notify Application templates:
%MESSAGE_FILE_TEXT_HTML% means - Save message HTML text version to a file and then use that file path as one of the parameters.
%MESSAGE_FILE_TEXT_PLAIN% means the same as the above only for plain text version of the message.

So if you want to, say create "Send to Browser" functionality use something like this:
Type: Manual
Criteria: From contains @
Action: Notify Application (Your web browser)

The extension for html message files is html, and for plain text files is txt. For the original %MESSAGE_FILE% template - the extension is eml.
(Note, to associate Pandora's Message-File Viewer aka Greek Message Viewer with eml-files, go to 'Settings/Message-File Viewer' and check corresponding and the only check-box.)

If you already have default application(s) associated with eml/html/txt files, hold down the Shift key while pressing "Notify Application" button and Pandora will let Windows open those files with it's registered app.

Second, now you can fire-up manual filters at will, individually and out of order. To do so hit 'Message/Apply Filters/[Manual Filter]' from the main menu.

The most requested feature was the ability to select multiple personalities and stationary and select the common action, which is now available.

Finally, now it's possible to specify outbound ports manually. For more detailed overview please see the Release Notes.

Pandora Home Page

Download Installer

Release Notes
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