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Pandora Released Empty Pandora Released

Thu May 16, 2019 1:20 am
This update brings new date and time formats (how dates and times are displayed in mailbox summary), please see Help/Mailboxes for details.
Standard strftime formatting codes can be used now as well.

Note, %DATE% is now fail-safe date format (equivalent to %m/%d/%y) and %DATE_SHORT% is date in current Windows short date format (as specified in 'Control Panel/Region and Language'). So if you used %DATE%, change it to %DATE_SHORT%.

People who used 'Draft it!' Eudora plugin will be familiar 'Draft Not Done' option. This is part 1, we'll revisit it soon for filter-option (You'll be able to assign 1 inactive filter for - Automatically allow Queue/Send if following conditions apply...).

Filters descriptions can be assigned now. Main purpose of descriptions is to help us distinguish in between (manual filters) menu items (Message/Apply Filters)/toolbar buttons (Settings/Toolbar/Manual Filters).
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