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Pandora 2.8 Released Empty Pandora 2.8 Released

Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:35 am
Thanks to Joshua, Ted, Elaine and their incredible feedback we are ahead of the schedule.

We've got the backup out of the way now. We can schedule mailboxes backup, do it manually, on session startup and/or exit and of course before/after compacting.
Settings are grouped under Background Tasks/Backup.

To quickly access/restore from backup - Use File/Open menu or just double click on mbc files in Windows Explorer.

Messages can be copied now cumulatively (Ctrl+Left Shift+C), what it means exactly:
You can now copy messages from one mailbox, open another mailbox do Left Shift+Edit/Copy - Paste both groups of messages into third mailbox (Edit/Paste).

Collapsed grouped messages can be transfered now with a single stroke now, not much explaining is needed there.
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