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Pandora 2.9.3 Released Empty Pandora 2.9.3 Released

Tue Oct 29, 2019 2:12 pm
Every now and then you receive 2 or 3 messages from the same correspondent, and you want to send a single reply? It's repetitive hassle no more - enter Composite Reply.
Composite feature allows us to reply to (forward, redirect or send again) several messages with the single message.
To activate - hold down Shift key, hit Reply/Forward/Redirect/Send Again, so that Composing Options are displayed, and toggle 'Composite' button.
Please see Help/Release Notes for more detail.

Pandora is gaining in popularity among senior citizens, we received tremendous amount of feedback from them in last couple of months (seniors are riot LOL).
They generally like the ergonomics, but almost uniformly installation is causing problems (is it 32 or 64 version, and Run as Administrator in particular).
That's why we went on and released this emergency relief update with semi-automatic installer. Now there is no need to manually download, unzip, choose 32/64 edition and most importantly - launch installer. Installer is launched with administrator privileges, even if current Pandora instance is running with non-administrator credentials.
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