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How to Change the Main Data Folder Empty How to Change the Main Data Folder

Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:31 am
The main data folder can be specified in 2 ways:

Via Main Interface
1. Click View/Mailboxes from the main menu, then right-click on the root-item and hit "Change...".
2. Choose your location for the main data folder.

Via Command-Line Parameters
1. Create a shortcut to Pandora.
2. Right-click/Properties and append to Target field:
-data="[Your Data Folder Path]"
Example: C:\Program Files\Pandora\Pandora.exe -data="D:\MyMailData"
3. Hit OK.

Note, when you change the main data folder:
1. None of the content from the old location is copied to the new location.
2. Your attachments folder path is not changed, and of course no attachments are moved anywhere.

Installation/default location of attachments folder is inside of the main data folder. You can change your attachments folder (without changin the main data folder) via Settings/Attachments.

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