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Pandora 5.1 Released Empty Pandora 5.1 Released

Sat Apr 22, 2023 4:41 pm
Pandora 5.1 has been released as of 22 Apr 2023.

Notice: This is a Major Release Update and will require a Series 5 license.  Be sure to obtain the new license as the old Series 4 License will not be valid after the new version is installed.

The installer files and release notes are available from the webpage.

The Release Notes What's New Section:

          Pandora Mail
          Version: 5.1
    Released: April 22nd 2023
Copyright © 2023 by Brana Bujenovic
       All Rights Reserved


· Features / Highlights
· What's New
· What's New / Version History Legend
· Version History
· System Requirements
· Installation
· Enable HTML Help
· Credits
· Disclaimer of Warranty
· Feedback

Features / Highlights

· Multiple-windows interface with tabbed taskbar.
· Multitasking - Simultaneously compose/download messages.
· Full Unicode support.
· Quick message browsing with keyboard shortcuts.
· Full HTML support for message formatting. Plain text format is supported as well.
· Formatting tokens for quick application of HTML styles.
· Attachments can be stored as files, or as MIME embedded entities inside the messages/mailboxes.
· Attachments can be removed from, or added to, received messages manually.
· Messages can be edited upon reception.
· Editable Subject-field that can be used for annotations. Original message subject can be restored at any time.
· Standardized (UNIX-compatible), non-proprietary, mailbox and address-book formats (mbox/vCards).
· Upon composition, message-draft can be sent immediately or queued for sending at a later time.
· FCC feature for sent messages.
· Encrypted password storage, authentication and protocols.
· Single set of system mailboxes for multiple accounts.
· Mailbox summaries can be customized per mailbox basis.
· Use stationery, signatures and text-templates to enhance and speedup message composing.
· Periodically check accounts for new mail/send queued messages.
· Save full messages as (MIME-formatted) files.
· Save message parts (text entities and attachments) as individual files.

What's New

Composing Mail / Drag and Drop

+ Insert stationery body text at caret position: Shift+Apply Stationery.
$ This can be done via menu (Edit/Apply Stationery), stationery icon (right-click/Apply) or drag and drop.
+ Drag and drop signature anywhere onto draft headers pane to include/switch to that signature.
+ Drag and drop signature(s) onto draft body text, or open text file, to insert dragged signature(s) at caret position.
+ Drag and drop signature(s) onto Address Book Cards pane to compose new message(s) to selected recipient(s), with dragged signature(s).
$ If multiple signatures are dropped, multiple messages are created.
+ Drag and drop signature(s) onto workspace area to compose new message(s) with dragged signature(s).
$ Hold down Shift for options.
# Plain text view: Caret is now visible/reflects mouse position during text-dragging.
* HTML view: Source text is now cleared when we are dragging text from headers onto message body.
* HTML view: Fixed the bug where scroll-position is changed and/or formatting structure broken upon text-drop.

Drag and Drop General

+ When drop-operation is not applicable to active/underlying frame, the action is routed to the main frame (if it exists at the main-frame level).
$ If for example, we drop a file onto Feeds pane, that's the equivalent of dropping a file onto workspace area.
+ When drop-operation is not applicable at the base/main frame level, Pandora will display status-bar message about unsupported drop operation and where is applicable.
* Fixed the issue where drag and drop is turned off for no reason, and restart is required to turn it back on.
+ Drag and drop message(s) onto criteria list (Find Messages, Filters) to add rudimentary criteria based upon/derived from dropped messages.
* We can now cancel mailbox drag and drop with Esc key.
+ Dragged mailbox graphical indicator.
+ Dragged mailbox is automatically re-selected if we cancel the operation.
* Auto-expanded mailboxes will be auto-collapsed upon mailbox-drop (with the exception of destination branch).
+ Drag mailbox onto criteria list (Find Messages, Filters) to add criteria based upon mailbox name.
+ Drag mailbox anywhere onto draft window to include that mailbox for FCC (the same as FCC menu click).
+ Drag mailbox onto workspace area or task-bar to open/bring to front mailbox window.
+ Drag mailbox onto another open mailbox window to move all messages to that mailbox (hold down Shift to copy).
+ Drag mailbox onto Filters Action Copy to/Move to button to set dragged mailbox as destination for filtered message(s).
+ We can drag local mailboxes from Find Mailboxes pane now (and drop onto Mailboxes tree, open mailbox, criteria list and other mailbox-related drop-targets).

What's New/Version History Legend

+ --> New feature
- --> Removed/obsolete feature
* --> Bugfix
# --> Improvement
$ --> Comment

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