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Pandora 5.0 Released Empty Pandora 5.0 Released

Mon Apr 03, 2023 2:00 am
Pandora 5.0 has been released as of 2 Apr 2023.

Notice: This is a Major Release Update and will require a Series 5 license.  Be sure to obtain the new license as the old Series 4 License will not be valid after the new version is installed.

The installer files and release notes are available from the webpage.

The Release Notes What's New Section:

          Pandora Mail
          Version: 5.0
    Released: April 2nd 2023
Copyright © 2023 by Brana Bujenovic
       All Rights Reserved


· Features / Highlights
· What's New
· What's New / Version History Legend
· Version History
· System Requirements
· Installation
· Enable HTML Help
· Credits
· Disclaimer of Warranty
· Feedback

Features / Highlights

· Multiple-windows interface with tabbed taskbar.
· Multitasking - Simultaneously compose/download messages.
· Full Unicode support.
· Quick message browsing with keyboard shortcuts.
· Full HTML support for message formatting. Plain text format is supported as well.
· Formatting tokens for quick application of HTML styles.
· Attachments can be stored as files, or as MIME embedded entities inside the messages/mailboxes.
· Attachments can be removed from, or added to, received messages manually.
· Messages can be edited upon reception.
· Editable Subject-field that can be used for annotations. Original message subject can be restored at any time.
· Standardized (UNIX-compatible), non-proprietary, mailbox and address-book formats (mbox/vCards).
· Upon composition, message-draft can be sent immediately or queued for sending at a later time.
· FCC feature for sent messages.
· Encrypted password storage, authentication and protocols.
· Single set of system mailboxes for multiple accounts.
· Mailbox summaries can be customized per mailbox basis.
· Use stationery, signatures and text-templates to enhance and speedup message composing.
· Periodically check accounts for new mail/send queued messages.
· Save full messages as (MIME-formatted) files.
· Save message parts (text entities and attachments) as individual files.

What's New

+ Menus hot-keys can be customized now [Toolbar and Hot-Keys under Settings menu and Settings/Composing Mail pane].
+ Mark deleted messages Read [Settings/Background Tasks].

Viewing Mail
+ View Previous/Next Unread Message (Anywhere).
+ Attachments pane: Show/Hide Column: Location.

User Interface
+ File/New/Stationery.
+ File/New/Signature.
+ File/New/Mailbox.
+ File/New/Card (Address Book Entry).
# File/New is 'File/New/Text File' now.
* Draft-composition bar and message-subject bar are scaled proportionally with other frames/elements now.
+ Flat toolbar button style [Settings/Toolbar and Hot-Keys].
+ Action/Add Feed.
+ Action/Create Personality.

What's New/Version History Legend

+ --> New feature
- --> Removed/obsolete feature
* --> Bugfix
# --> Improvement
$ --> Comment

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Pandora 5.0 Released Empty Re: Pandora 5.0 Released

Mon Apr 03, 2023 8:10 am
Thanks Butch. Couple of notes, regarding hot-keys customization:

For Shift-tied commands (Check Mail, Compose Message, Reply etc.) you don't have to (and you can't) specify Shift+ variant.
Say you assign Ctrl+Y for mail check - Ctrl+Shift+Y is automatically assigned for you for Check Mail Options.

When assigning a hot-key for a mailbox Transfer action keep in mind that Shift+ implies 'Copy to' (as opposed to default 'Move to').

Hot-keys can be assigned for few toolbar-button specific commands (toolbar pop-up menu-buttons), such as Insert Recipients - however if corresponding
button is not present on toolbar, hot-key is void.

"Double-down" Visual Studio style hot-keys are not supported, ex. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Q.

Over 99% or menu item commands can be customized. There are however several hot-keys that are hard-coded. In those cases Hot-Key text box and corresponding button are disabled.

Right after entering the hot-key, prior to assigning it, Pandora will display on main status-bar if that hot-key is already assigned.

Finally, you can now assign hot-keys for each Personality (8 actions per personality), stationery (6 actions per), recipients (4 actions per),
mailboxes (2 actions per), labels, manual filters and so forth. It's huge amount of commands (that of course exceeds number of available keys/modifiers).
If you got carried away and wish to reset, simply close Pandora and delete HotKeys.xml file. Upon restart Pandora will load familiar default accelerator table.
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