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Pandora 5.3 Released Empty Pandora 5.3 Released

Fri Jun 02, 2023 6:16 pm
Pandora 5.3 has been released as of 2Jun 2023.

Notice: This is a Major Release Update and will require a Series 5 license.  Be sure to obtain a new license as the old Series 4 License will not be valid after the new version is installed.

The installer files and release notes are available from the webpage.

The Release Notes What's New Section:

What's New

Workspace Windows Management [Classic Workspace]

+ Minimize to task-bar [Settings/Viewing Mail/Classic Workspace].
$ When checked:
Minimized/iconic windows are not drawn.
Minimized windows are restored/maximized with the single click (on task-bar button/Window menu item/More Windows item).
Minimized window is not auto-activated (restored/maximized) upon closing of previous window (next not-minimized window is auto-activated instead).
When all windows are minimized, there is no active workspace window, and if there are active panes - pane that had focus last will regain focus.

+ Activate minimized windows on Previous/Next [Settings/Viewing Mail].
$ Un-check to skip minimized windows on commands Window/Previous and Window/Next and activate previous/next non-minimized window instead.
$ Applicable for both creation-based and focus-based (z-order) navigation, and regardless if 'Minimize to task-bar' is checked.

+ Minimize and/or Restore messages with mailbox [Settings/Mailboxes].

+ Minimizing Options [Shift + Minimize button].
$ Minimize multiple windows based on variety of criteria (much like Closing Options).

# Workspace tools windows are restored on start-up now.

# Task-bar close button can be scaled up to maximum size (tested up to 250%).
# Task-bar close button is drawn now in standard Windows styles (Classic, XP, Aero, 10).

+ Arrange Windows [Window/Arrange] - Sort message windows by Status, Junk Score, Priority, Attachments Count, Label, Who, Data & Time, Size, Server Status and Subject.
$ Default sorting order is from left to right. When 'In reversed order' is checked, message windows are sorted from right to left.
+ Sort open messages can be invoked (from message window) via 'Message/Sort by' menu.
+ Invoke Arrange Windows dialog with Shift + 'Message/Sort by' menu.

+ Click on pressed task-bar button to minimize the window, and activate next window if available (the same as Minimize button).

* Windows OS task-bar icons are crisp again (not blurred).

Send-to Handler

+ Close window shortcut: Ctrl+W.
+ Save files-list [File/List/Save as].
+ Load files-list [File/List/Load].

What's New/Version History Legend

+ --> New feature
- --> Removed/obsolete feature
* --> Bugfix
# --> Improvement
$ --> Comment

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Pandora 5.3 Released Empty Re: Pandora 5.3 Released

Sun Jun 11, 2023 12:07 pm
Thank you Butch.

Regarding new 'Restore/Minimize Messages with Mailbox' feature, it works best with 'Activate minimized windows on Previous/Next' unchecked.
Say you have 2 correspondents, A and Z, and messages are distributed in 2 mailboxes, A and Z.
At any given point in time you are working with couple of messages from both corespondents. Usually, message windows are mixed up on the screen, say 1st one is from A, 2 and 3 are from Z and so forth.

As you are writing a reply to A you want quick access to other open messages from A.
Granted, you can organize widows in Pandora with Push Window Left/Right option or with new Arrange Windows feature, but here is another way:
- Minimize mailbox Z.
That's it - now Use Ctrl+Tab to activate next/previous message from A. Minimized windows will be ignored.

Few notes that I originally prepared for previous release are below.

Included with this release is Send-to Handler tool. Send-to Handler provides a workaround for files drag and drop when credentials in between Pandora and Windows File Explorer do not match. Here is how to use it:

0. First you take a hula hoop and you wheel it a couple of times.
1. Activate drop-target window in Pandora.
2. Start Send-to Handler from Tools menu.
3. Drag and drop files onto Send-to Handler (from File Explorer/Desktop).
4. Hit Send to Pandora.

It's somewhat cumbersome but it gets the job done.
At some point in future, I guess there will be a policy in Windows that takes out these restriction, or it will be documented if it exists already. Until then - get your hula hoop ready.
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