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Pandora and WIne Empty Pandora and WIne

Sun Oct 10, 2021 11:38 pm
I am using Eudora under Wine in Kubuntu Linux environment (works nicely fine, apart very few glitches), but I am considering all options for the future.
Among them, there is of course Pandora.

I tried to install it under Wine, but as often happens, I got an error already at the end (there is enough time for hope, but then at the end a error message box appears ) of the installation process and of course launching Pandora results in a long list of problems.

I can of course use it under e.g. VirtualBox, but having it seamlessly available on the desktop at boot without any other intervention would be much more convenient.

Would making Pandora compatible with Wine an insurmountable task or is there any hope?

Porting to Linux would probably be a nightmare, but perhaps this intermediate goal is more manageable.

Thank you for any hint and keep up your excellent work.

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Pandora and WIne Empty Re: Pandora and WIne

Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:25 am
What was the error message you saw from the installer?

Do you have any idea precisely what the installer did and didn't do? Does the installer always (or optionally?) create a log file? Have you tried turning logging on in Wine itself to see if it tells you what it did and didn't do?

I've never used Wine, but Google tells me it's quite configurable - so have you explored that?

You say that launching Pandora gives a long list of problems... What are they? How far do you get? Eg do you get the GUI or does it crash before that?
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